Balboa Island

Things to do in Balboa | Boys Ahoy

A few weekends ago Brett took the day off of work (for his birthday!) and we headed to Balboa Island for the day. It’s about an hour from us and it’s been on my bucket list since we moved to San Diego a year ago. We didn’t really have an agenda other than to explore and just have fun….and eat a Balboa Bar 😉

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a brand new site!!



That is an excited/nervous/”what the heck am i doing?” kind of EEEEK! 

You’ve landed on a brand new site! A new name, new domain…and new direction. 

I’ve been dreaming about taking Sweet Treats & More in a different direction for a long time. In fact, this new site has been sitting idly by for almost a year while I tried to muster up the courage to go for it. It was actually ready to go just after our third baby Graham was born. 

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Holiday Gift Guide for the Food Blogger!

 I was making a little Christmas wish list for my husband and noticed several of the things on my list were blog-related.  So I thought maybe there are other husbands, or friends and family of food bloggers that could use some gift giving guidance for the food blogger in their life?! 

We love PROPS! You can’t go wrong with cute bowls, plates, towels, vintage bakeware and silverware, or fancy straws. We can never have too much butter, cream, or cream cheese (but, seriously!)  We love cooking and baking supplies.  And we love things that smell good!

 The list could go on and on, but I’ve rounded up 26 ideas for you!!  

GIFT GUIDE for the Food Blogger | Sweet Treats and More

1. Anthro Towels | 2. Textured Bowl Set | 3. World Vanilla Set | 4. Heavy Cream, Cream Cheese, or Butter (we really never can have too much!) | 5. Vintage Bakeware (lots on Easy)| 6. Spatula Spoons | 7. Non-stick Silicon Baking Mats | 8. Mason Jar Measuring Cups | 9. Mosser Jadeite Cake Stand | 10. Branch & Twig Pie Server | 11. Mason Jar Measuring Spoons | 12. Paper Straws | 13. Cookie Scoop | 14. Anthro Crowned Leaf Measuring Cup

GIFT GUIDE for the Food Blogger | Sweet Treats and More15.  Cool Cutting Boards | 16. Jo Totes Camera Bag (ahem, honey) | 17. Cute Cupcake Liners | 18. Bulk Sprinkles | 19. Essential Oils Winter Forest Dish Soap | 20. Torani Peppermint Bark Sauce | 21. Circlet Tile Napkin Set |  22. Aqua Owl Spoon Rest | 23. Culinary Tweezers | 24. Metal Hand-Stamped Spoons  25.  Mini  Appetizer Spoons  | 26. Cinnamon Caramel Swirl Candle 

Graham Lawrence Denney

Graham Lawrence Denney|| September 29th, 5:02 pm. ||  8 pounds 8 onces and 21.5 inches  

baby graham newborns-2

This sweet boy arrived right on his due date!  I was induced last Monday (otherwise he probably would have cooked a little longer) and it was the best delivery experience I’ve had yet.  This was my second VBAC and it couldn’t have gone better.  I spent the day watching tv shows, napping, and talking with my husband.  It was actually a very relaxing day.  When it was finally go time, I pushed for ten minutes and he was here! 

Even with my third, I’ll never forget the overwhelming feeling of love for this sweet boy the second I saw him and held him in my arms.   

baby graham newborns-9

He’s a good mix of his brothers, but already has his own disposition and personality.  He sleeps pretty good now (after several nights of partying), and eats and poops like a champ.  He was back up to his birth weight just four days after birth!! Like I said, eats like a champ:)  We’re so happy to have him here! 

Thanks for all of of your well wishes and love!!