Riding with Guardian Bikes

Last weekend one of the Co-founders, Kyle, of the newly launched Guardian Bikes came down from LA to let Owen test out one of their bikes! 

Guardian Bikes makes the world’s safest bikes for kids! They want kids to be confident riders by creating safe, fun bikes for them to ride. Owen is definitley our cautious one, so when I told him they make super safe bikes, his confidence sky-rocketed and he couldn’t wait to ride.

Safest Bike for Kids - the Guardian Bike

You can read more about their mission, how they build safer bikes, and about their SureStop brake technology specifically designed with kids in mind, to prevent head-over-handlebar accidents on the website!

Safest Bike for Kids - the Guardian Bike

Kyle (co-founder) was so incredibly nice and so great to work with. He and his girlfriend Megan brought the boys cookies, and even entertained the littler ones while we watched Owen ride and shot some video:) 

We love getting to work with good people behind great companies, especially when they have our kiddos’ safety in mind!  Owen’s Christmas wish list just grew by one, shiny new Gaurdian Bike :)

Safest Bike for Kids - the Guardian Bike Safest Bike for Kids - the Guardian BikeSafest Bike for Kids - the Guardian Bike

Looks like we have a future rider….bare feet and all 😳

Safest Bike for Kids - the Guardian Bike

We made a little video of our afternoon with Guardian Bikes. Enjoy!

Smash Cake at the Beach | Graham’s First Birthday


I can’t believe this boy is ONE! Graham turned one on Tuesday and sinc he is our California-born baby and loves the beach that’s where we celebrated! I know, the thought of doing a smash cake at the beach with a baby  sounds like a disaster but it’s supposed to be a mess, right? Besides, all you have to do is take the babe skinny dipping in the ocean afterwards 😉 But really, that’s what we did.

Just getting to the beach with little kids can be quite the task so I kept things super simple! I ordered giant balloons and this super cute tassel garland from Zurchers. I made a mini cake from a CAKE MIX! And his little birthday crown is from Kutie Bow Tuties. Ugh, that crown…I die!!! 

We went to the beach later in the afternoon/early evening when it was a little cooler. The beaches aren’t as crowded this time of year too so having a September birthday worked in our favor as well. I took a billion pictures so sorry for the picture overload…


I made the little #1 cake toppers using cardstock and straws, so easy!baby-boy-smash-cake-33graham1

Out of the three boys I thought Graham would be the one to give us the epic face plant in the cake but he needed a little bit of help….

And just like his mama, he mostly liked the frosting :) 

When he was done we wrapped everything up (except the cake stand) in that white sheet (it was an old one from Ikea) and just threw it away! It made for the easiest clean up! 

We love you to the moon, Graham, and loved celebrating you! 

 Felt Crown | Tee | Leggings

Giant ballons + tassel garland 

Cake + cake toppers made by me :)

Blood Moon Cookies

Happy Monday friends! We made chocolate chip “blood moon” cookies to celebrate the big lunar eclipse last night!! Did you see it?! It’s all the boys could talk about yesterday they were so excited for it. 

Hope you enjoy our little {homemade, super unprofessional video}! It’s fun to see just how busy these boys are (Graham was asleep)!

PS. We made these cookies and just added a little red food coloring to them!

Long Live Summer!!

Exploring Seaport Village | Boys Ahoy

Labor Day kind of marks the end of summer and beginning of fall for most, but for us it means hotter {really HOT} days to come. It make me miss the cool, crisp fall nights we used to enjoy in Utah so, so much. I’ll try not to complain about how much I miss fall weather since we get to play at the beach and pool year round :) 

Typically we would take advantage of Brett having a day off from work to go to the beach as a family, but for Labor Day last week we decided to explore where we live a little and headed to Seaport Village with friends for the day….
Exploring Seaport Village | Boys Ahoy

Exploring Seaport Village | Boys AhoyExploring Seaport Village | Boys AhoyExploring Seaport Village | Boys AhoyExploring Seaport Village | Boys AhoyExploring Seaport Village | Boys AhoyExploring Seaport Village | Boys AhoyExploring Seaport Village | Boys Ahoy

Does the magic of a courosel ever die?! Even with a slight breeze from the bay, the heat was pretty unbearable. Hence, the sweaty, shiny-faced photos 😐 

We enjoyed an air-conditioned lunch at the Cheesecake Factory, but skipped the cheesecake so we could stop at Frost Me {gourmet cupakes!} before leaving. 
seaport-village-6Exploring Seaport Village | Boys Ahoy

Exploring Seaport Village | Boys AhoyExploring Seaport Village | Boys Ahoy

The S’mores Cupcake my favorite, and Graham’s too. Chocolate cupcake with a graham cracker crust + marshmallow cream filling + chocolate ganache + frosting + a homemade toasted marshmallow. Just, whoah!! seaport-village-11Exploring Seaport Village | Boys AhoyExploring Seaport Village | Boys Ahoy

Long live summer San Diego!! 

SHOP | EAT | PLAY |  at Seaport Village. Don’t forget to eat some cupcakes too!

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