Copy Cat Gourdough’s ODB Donut Holes

You might remember a few weeks ago I headed to Austin, Texas for a food bloggers conference.  I mentioned how in just three short days I ate my weight in delicious food.  From taco trucks to hearty Texas barbecue to healthy & wholesome donuts.  Scratch that, the donuts were everything but healthy & wholesome.  BUT SO DANG GOOD.  Everyone at the conference tweeted, instagrammed and facebooked (are the latter two words?) the heck out of the amazing donuts from Gourdough’s Donuts— a specialty donut shop, specializing in BIG. FAT. DONUTS (of course).  In all kinds of crazy flavors.    I got a sampling of the donuts at a Pic Monkey Pj Party Ashton threw.  

(Side note, if you’re looking for a great post about what exactly food bloggers do, and why the heck we go to conferences like the one in Austin, read this post she shared!)

So today, a bunch of us bloggers that were there and experienced the taste of Gourdoughs, decided to re-make some our favorites and share them with you! I made their ODB’s.  Cream filled donut holes, rolled in a vanilla bean glaze, and coated with shredded, sweetened coconut. Ohh yes!

Gourdoughs ODB Donuts(main)These little babies are dangerous.  And deceiving.  Before you know it, you’ll have eaten over a dozen and hardly feel the damage.  So you’ll pop a few more.  Right?  I’m not alone?  I would have been better off eating just one regular donut.  But that just ain’t happening here. Not with these. 

Gourdoughs ODB Donuts(7) These little ODB’s are hazardous.  Deep fried to perfection, stuffed with amazing, thick cream filling, rolled in a vanilla bean glaze, and covered in sweetened coconut.  Seriously you guys.  You have to try them.  If you don’t make them, get your booty to Texas and order some ODB’s at Gourdoughs.  

donutcollageThey do take a little bit of work, but are actually pretty fun to make (and eat while you do it!).  Brett rolled the dough into little balls and fried them, while I made them look pretty–rolled them in the glaze and the coconut.  Then stuffed them with the filling.  {And sampled just about every other donut hole I glazed.  YIKES!!}

Gourdoughs ODB Donuts(4)

But really, who could resist? 

Gourdoughs ODB Donuts(6)

[yumprint-recipe id=’76’] Want to check out some other Gourdough’s Donuts? Go see some of my friends today!

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  1. I wish I had ordered these. But it’s probably better in the long run, I might have skipped my flight home and stayed in Austin. Now that I know how to make them at home, I’m doomed!

  2. The fact that these are donut HOLES might make them the most dangerous of all!!!
    P.S. I have to ask so laugh at me if you want but is “ODB” a Wu-Tang throw back or did I totally miss something?

    • Kristy June 26, 2013

      I think it is a Wu-Tang throw back!! Haha!

  3. JulieD June 26, 2013

    These look fantastic! I wish I had tried them in Austin! PS I love coconut.

  4. Christina Gathright June 26, 2013

    Love donut holes! But seriously what’s not to love about fried dough?

  5. Donut holes with cream inside! Count me in!

  6. Ashton June 26, 2013

    Oh my gosh, these look incredible!!! And ohmygosh, thanks for the shout out!! I loved getting to spend time with you at BHF, and I can’t wait till we can hang out again!!!!

  7. Cookbook Queen June 26, 2013

    The shredded coconut!! The cream filling!! ACCCCKKKK!!! Need. Now.

  8. Oh mah gaaaaawsh this looks amazing! The little blurb of cream. AND THE COCONUT. I die.

  9. Trish - Mom On Timeout June 26, 2013

    Oh wow! I love these little bite-sized treats! Yummy!

  10. These look absolutely perfect Kristy!! Pastry cream filled doughnuts are Kevin’s fav. I’ll have to make these for him.. and me! 😀

  11. Oh man! I really wish I had ordered these when I was there! YUM!

  12. Jocelyn @BruCrew Life June 26, 2013

    I adore all things coconut! These would be so dangerous to have in my house because I would be popping one all day long!!! Now I am wishing I had tried these down in TX…guess that means I need to make some huh? 😉

  13. holy doughnut-hole. These look amazing! I thought it was such a fun idea for them to have the donut hole dish AND filled with pastry cream? YUM! I want to go back!

  14. carrian June 26, 2013

    oh my gosh, it’s cream filled?!

  15. Des @ Life's Ambrosia June 26, 2013

    holy cream filled doughnut holes these look amazing! It was so nice getting to meet you at BHF. Hopefully we can all get together again soon.

  16. These are SO amazing. I’d pop them all in my mouth without even thinking!

  17. Emily June 27, 2013

    How do you stay so dang thin when you’re baking up stuff like this all the time? Sheesh! :)

    • Kristy June 27, 2013

      And I ask the same to you Emily!! You’re a rail:)

  18. Deborah June 28, 2013

    These would definitely be dangerous – I’m afraid I could eat them all myself!!

  19. Nessa June 29, 2013

    It is very easy to eat a ton of little desserts! Especially if they’re as delicious as these :)

  20. Oh my gosh – you guys are killing me with all these donuts. They look amazing!!!

  21. Julie September 13, 2013

    Can I ask a stupid question? What does the ODB name actually stand for? I am just curious. They look yummy.

    • Kristy September 15, 2013

      You know what, I don’t know for sure! I just thought these sounded good from the restaurant’s menu:)


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