Fall Art {using Monster Trucks!}

Fall Leafy Twigs | Boys Ahoy

I’m a not a super arsty-craftsy kind of mom, but the boys love painting, coloring, and creating with their little hands (what kid doesn’t), so I’m trying to do more of it with them. Neither really have homework yet, so it’s been the perfect after-school activity. 

Earlier this week we paited fall trees…..with Monster Trucks! 

Fall Leafy Twigs | Boys AhoyFall Leafy Twigs | Boys AhoyThe tires make the perfect little twiggy looking branches with little leaves! Am I right? Do you see it?! Let’s call it abstract art 😉  

Once I showed them the paint washes off of the tires, they were on board and totally had fun with it. 
Fall Leafy Twigs | Boys Ahoy

All you need is washable orange, brown, and red paint, paint brushes, paper and Monster Trucks. Brush the paint on a tire then drive the truck on the paper! Repeat with all of the colors. That’s it! Fall Leafy Twigs | Boys Ahoy

Fall Leafy Twigs | Boys Ahoy

Happy Fall!! 

Long Live Summer!!

Exploring Seaport Village | Boys Ahoy

Labor Day kind of marks the end of summer and beginning of fall for most, but for us it means hotter {really HOT} days to come. It make me miss the cool, crisp fall nights we used to enjoy in Utah so, so much. I’ll try not to complain about how much I miss fall weather since we get to play at the beach and pool year round :) 

Typically we would take advantage of Brett having a day off from work to go to the beach as a family, but for Labor Day last week we decided to explore where we live a little and headed to Seaport Village with friends for the day….
Exploring Seaport Village | Boys Ahoy

Exploring Seaport Village | Boys AhoyExploring Seaport Village | Boys AhoyExploring Seaport Village | Boys AhoyExploring Seaport Village | Boys AhoyExploring Seaport Village | Boys AhoyExploring Seaport Village | Boys AhoyExploring Seaport Village | Boys Ahoy

Does the magic of a courosel ever die?! Even with a slight breeze from the bay, the heat was pretty unbearable. Hence, the sweaty, shiny-faced photos 😐 

We enjoyed an air-conditioned lunch at the Cheesecake Factory, but skipped the cheesecake so we could stop at Frost Me {gourmet cupakes!} before leaving. 
seaport-village-6Exploring Seaport Village | Boys Ahoy

Exploring Seaport Village | Boys AhoyExploring Seaport Village | Boys Ahoy

The S’mores Cupcake my favorite, and Graham’s too. Chocolate cupcake with a graham cracker crust + marshmallow cream filling + chocolate ganache + frosting + a homemade toasted marshmallow. Just, whoah!! seaport-village-11Exploring Seaport Village | Boys AhoyExploring Seaport Village | Boys Ahoy

Long live summer San Diego!! 

SHOP | EAT | PLAY |  at Seaport Village. Don’t forget to eat some cupcakes too!

Brown Butter Apple Spice Oatmeal Cookies

Brown Butter Apple Spice Oatmeal Cookies | Boys Ahoy

If you put me in charge of bringing dessert to dinner you can pretty much plan on me bringing cookies. Especially if it’s Sunday. We love baking cookies on Sundays! Well, we kind like it on Friday and Saturday nights too. But on Sundays, it’s kind of our (mine and Brett’s) way to end the weekend of crappy eating and to vow to start eating clean “tomorrow”.

Soooooo I made these Brown Butter Apple Spice Cookies to end our weekend with a bang (or start, depending on how you look at it!)

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Fried Out Fridays

This week Miles started preschool! That alone made it a good one :) We were both so excited and he loved it! I didn’t get a call from the school to inform me he peed his pants either…so, YAY!! First Day of Preschool | Boys Ahoy

O is LOVING kindergarten + making new friends + has a serious new interest in basketball. It makes my heart  happy. 

And Graham…well, he hulk smashed our iPad yesterday. The iPad I left unprotected on the ottoman, practically begging him to shatter it 😐 

Also, I’ve consumed way too much diet coke this week + currently have an eye-twitching situation going on due to a serious lack of sleep. But…you know, on with life, motherhood, and blogging :)

Fried Out Fridays | Boys Ahoy

1. Cheap retail therapy: This suit! Only $30. UPDATE- suit sold out super fast, but THIS suit is an even better steal (limited quanities!)

2. Weekend plans- Friday Night Lights marathon (not pictured). The entire series only $36 {typically $100}!! You can watch it on Netflix right now but what if someday you can’t????!!! For Tim Riggins alone I need this.  Also, treating myself with COOKIES tonight!!

3. This is that time of year I start to go crazy with candles! In California, I fake fall with leaves {on sale!} + cozy up with marshmallow fireside

4. Loving this Jack of All Trades color!!

5. My sister-in-law recommened this book and I finally bought it this week! Excited to start reading. 

6. Someone please try this. I’m so intrigued…plus, PUMPKIN!!! 

Happy weekend!! 

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