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Are you guys on Instagram? Of course you are…everyone is. I’m slightly addicted.

I probably post an obnoxious amount of pictures of my boys, because I’m completely biased and think they’re the cutest in the world (most of the time–my two year old might be the naughtiest at times too;).  But also because they make up my days as a stay at home mom.

It’s a way for you to see into my life, more than just the cookies and chocolate, dinner and desserts I’m sharing here. I love getting to know the people behind the voices of my favorite blogs, connecting with them, and getting just a peek into their every day lives. It’s something that’s always had my curiosity. 

I recently turned some of my favorite Instagram pictures into StickyGrams –little picture magnets of my Instagram pics.  Cool right?  I got mine in the mail last week and slapped those magnets right on the fridge.  Can’t wait to hang up Owen’s artwork, invitations, shopping lists, and reminders all with these little pics of the kiddos and our family.  They are awesome memory keepers.

If you want to order your own StickyGrams you can enter the code SWEETTREATS10 for 10% off your order:)
See ya on Instagram (@sweettreatsmore)!  


  1. fridge seals repair perth January 10, 2013

    yeah. Very cool! I think I will be making just one for my daughter just in time next week when I get back my fridge after some fridge seals repair perth.


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