Welcome to The Chew

No recipe today, just some random things about my week and my life and the food in my life.  I’m calling it The Chew.  Like ABC’s TV show but not really because, well,  I’ve actually never watched it. Have you?

Anywho, here’s my Chew for the week.

1.  I went to a tread class this morning.  I’ve been to the class twice and have a love-hate relationship with it already.  Love it because I sweat a lot, burn a lot of calories, and never has an hour on the treadmill flown by so quickly! Hate it because the teacher makes us run hills and I kinda really don’t like hills.  Give me a flat course (I’ll take downhill too) and I can run for days.  Or at least an hour.  But hills?  They make me want to cry.  Especially on a treadmill.

2.  For lunch today I may have polished off the Spaghetti-O’s and Meatballs Owen wanted nothing to do with.  Spaghetti-O’s, really Kristy?  It’s probably been at least 10 years.  I thought for sure they’d be hit with a toddler?  Guess not.  Now I have like 5 cans of Spaghetti-O’s in the cupboard that I guess I have to eat.

3. Karate Kid I and II were on TV this week.  I watched all of I and part of II.  Did anyone else totally crush on Danny Larusso when they were like 13 and want to have thick, wavy hair like Ali?  Watching it now I can’t help but laugh at how cheesy and skinny Danny was.  Fun fact: that movie was made the year I was born.

4.  I’m finally an I-phowner.  Never thought I’d see the day, because me and technologically advanced phones don’t really get along.  I tried the Android once and hated it.  But I’m loving my I-phone.  Siri is pretty dang cool….the 10 % of the time she actually understands me.   And I’m kinda of hooked on Instagram , Words with Friends (wanna play?), and my husband just text me to tell me I have to download Super Stick Man Golf because it’s free.  Me and golf don’t really get along either.  He should know better;)  I’m a newbie, there’s gotta be more apps and games I need.  Do share!

5. These rolls, from How Sweet It Is have me really, really excited for Thanksgiving dinner.  I can’t wait to eat about 5 of them, mopping up my gravy and potatoes and turkey all at the same time.  I love Thanksgiving.  Unfortunately, my husband isn’t as into it.
6.  I made an amazing sandwich this week and I can’t wait to share it with you next week.  Bacon lovers beware.
7.  Brett and I aren’t eating out this month (I know…killer!) which means, I’m running out of ideas for dinner.   Especially tonight’s dinner.  Ideas appreciated.


  1. Rose November 5, 2011

    Here are the recipes that I’ve posted online:
    Hopefully this will help you with dinner ideas!

  2. Manina November 5, 2011

    Yeah on the IPhone. Seth plays stick man golf and words with friends. I do when I have time, but not much of that floating around right now! I hope your little guy is feeling better.


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