end-of-summer clearance at nordstrom {just for boys}

If I’m shopping at Nordstrom for my boys, I’m shopping the sales!! The Nordstrom end-of-summer clearance sale just started and we’ve picked a few of our favorite deals for little boys! Most items are 40% off :)

Best of End-of-Summer Clearance at Nordstrom's |Boys Ahoy

1.Nikes | 2. Tucker + Tate Double Knit Hoodie |  3. Volcom Board Shorts  | 4. Volcom Drago Slim Fit T-shirt | 5. Nike Athletic Shorts | 6. Chuck Taylor Mid Tops | 7. Volcom Stampede Fleece Hoodie | 8. Tucker + Tate Stripe Woven Shirt | 9. Quicksilver Cave Pocket T-shirt

And just a few picks for the babies….

Best of End-of-Summer Clearance at Nordstrom's |Boys Ahoy

1. Native Shoes 2. Mocs | 3.Bodysuit & Pants |  4. Tucker & Tate Jacquard Hoodie | 5. Sweatpants 

Strawberry Banana Teething Pops

Strawberry Banana Teething Pops | Boys Ahoy

Graham is 11 months old and just cut his sixth tooth. SIXTH. For about a month he was fussy, on edge, gnawing on everything, and NOT SLEEPING. {By the way, I’ve completley given up on the idea that I will EVER sleep through the night again.  Which is the number one reason I will forever drink diet coke ;)} 

But really, teething is just the worst. 

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Choco Chip Peanut Butter Honey Nut Cheerio Bars

Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Honey Nut Cheerio Bars | Boys Ahoy

These cheerio bars {let’s just call them cheerio bars because really, that name is just way too long} could be the perfect afterschool snack. They could be, and I’m sure totally would be if there were actually any left by the time your kiddo(s) got home from school. 

Oopsie. Who can resist a pan of ooey-gooey peanut buttery cheerio treats. With chocolate chips on top? 

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Fried Out Fridays!!

It’s Friday!! Did you survive the week? I did, barely. Maybe I’m a wimp but man, by Fridays I’m completley fried out. I mean, this week my 11 month old did throw my iphone at my face (i have a baby black eye to prove it!)  Who also pooped in the tub. My three year old lost his marbles at Costco because another boy LOOKED AT HIM. Can you imagine? 

And this whole getting the kids off to school in the morning (7:55) is brutal. I’m an early bird and my 5 year old used to be, you know, until school started!! Also, Kindergarten makes him grumpy 😐 

So there’s that. The mom gig isn’t always glamorous and don’t worry, the good always outweighs the bad. But sometimes you just need a little something to get you through the week. Here’s what has helped this week: 

Fried Out Fridays | Boys Ahoy



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