$75 Henry Mack Gift Card + Sliptee Giveaway!!

Today we have a fun giveaway from my friends at Henry Mack!  They sell everything from slips and tees, to the infamous house dress–all keeping fashion comfortable, cute and modest.  We’re giving away one of their sliptees plus $75 to spend at their site.  Enter the Rafflecopter at the end of the post and be sure to follow Henry Mack on Instagram

HenryMack_final giveaway1.jpg

 A little about Henry Mack from the girls behind it…

“We love shopping together, but too often we would fall in love with something that was just a little too short or too sheer. We used to leave it all on the rack, but not anymore! Our slips and tees are the perfect solution to the little black dress that is just a little too little. 
Our motto is: we make clothing we want to have. We figure if we want it, maybe other women will want it, too. That’s how our house dress was created, and yes, we wear it every morning.
We started Henry Mack to help women feel comfortable and beautiful in anything. We are pretty laid back, but we like to keep it ladylike… and have fun with our clothes.”

HenryMack_final 41 web

I own the sliptee and the house dress.  I love both, but I have to tell you that the house dress is the most comfortable thing I’ve worn this pregnancy.  I need a couple of more in different colors because my four year old keeps telling me, “Mom, you already wore that this week!”  But seriously, it’s light and airy, comfy,  and I just love wearing it around the house!!  


 The sliptee comes in black and white and is the “perfect layering piece for any dress that’s a little too tiny on top, sheer, or clingy.  The light-weight tee on top ends just below the bust where it continues as a silky smooth slip.” 

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a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Emily July 3, 2014

    It’s actually @Henry_Mack on Instagram. :)

    Love their style and their shop!


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